Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Black Mass of the Week - Virgin Witch (Ray Austin, 1972)

Directed by Cary Grant's old chauffeur, Virgin Witch is primarily an excuse for a gaggle of  British TV actors to get naked & dance feverishly around the grounds of a sprawling country estate. While the film doesn't skimp on nudity (lovely lead actress Ann Michelle is unclothed throughout), it still manages to be fairly plain but for a few hillocks here & there. First off is the performance of Patricia Haines as a predatory lesbian model agent named Sybil Waite. Haines is like a sinister Allison Janney & she makes one long for this to be a better movie.  Second, the frenetic dancing of the coven members during the Sabbat scenes -- especially Haines' rutting ram motions -- is expertly choreographed, building from an entwined circle swaying as if in a chilly wind to a mad, naked lurching of green & red-floodlit bodies. 

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