Monday, April 9, 2012

Black Mass of the Week - City of the Dead (John Llewellyn Moxey, 1960)

"Father, there's a bird in the drawer with an arrow through it." - Bretta St. John as the second Satanic sacrifice.

"On Candlemass Eve, February 1st, in the year 1692, a coven of witches  -- coven, that's thirteen, some men, some women -- whose power came from the devil, gathered beneath the Raven's Inn to perform a Black Mass in the honor of Lucifer. The witch Elizabeth Selwyn, later to be burnt at the stake, marked a young girl for sacrifice by obtaining  an object of value belonging to her with which to call her & leaving in its place a dead bird & a sprig of woodbine. The witches sacrificed her on the altar & drank her blood at the hour of thirteen."

"I have little strength left these days for the fight against the evil that besets this village. The people are creatures of the devil & they know no other god."
"You mean they worship Satan here, today?"
"Satanism was never stronger than the present time. For 200 years the people of White Wood have carried out rituals that mock the church's teachings. For years I struggled against the witches. Their Master took away my sight. I've tried to convince others, and they too found it unbelievable. But I know these people have a pact with the devil, to worship him &do his works. In return, he gives them eternal life. And to seal this bargain they must sacrifice a young girl on two nights of the year -- Candlemass Eve & the Witch's Sabbath."

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