Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Black Mass of the Week - Eye of the Devil (J. Lee Thompson, 1966)

The twelve who are dancing are the twelve apostles & the thirteenth in their midst is Christ. But long before Christianity there existed religions in which twelve men also danced, the twelve & the ONE. When you went to the Cathedral at Bellenac you had the impression that you were listening to an ordinary Mass, but kneeling all around you there are people who hear what you do not hear, because it is the Black Mass. And when, once a year in that square, you watch the dance, the twelve men, there are people who see -- in the midst of the twelve -- THIRTEEN, a living god. These people are not Christians & never have been. Bellenac is a fortress of heresy. The earth has to have sacrifice. There has to be blood...

With Deborah Kerr, David Niven, Donald Pleasence, Sharon Tate & David Hemmings.