Thursday, September 28, 2017

RIP, Hugh Hefner - Hefner with Roman Polanski, Francesca Annis & Barbi Benton, 1970/71

VOODOO LIVES! - Avant Garde Magazine, 1968

Many people probably still think of voodoo as something Tarzan’s native friends indulged in – all mumbo-jumbo & skulking around – later to be set straight by stern white missionaries. Now, however, what with the resurgence in America of African culture & traditions, the evangelism may soon be working in reverse, bringing to a ‘civilized’ society that prefers to lock the mysteries of life & death up in churches  a message of primitive directness & power. As manifested in this ritual dance, called ‘obeah,’ by young Valda Cadogan, of Barbados, Vooodoo is an abandonment to primal feelings  undreamed of in our philosophy.

From Avant Garde magazine, September 1968. Photographs by Lee Kraft.