Thursday, January 14, 2010

Satan's Whiskers

It's not yet noon, my dears, but after spending the morning combing our beloved Upper West Side for Free Brothers West Indian Orange Bitters & finally finding a bottle at Salumeria Rosi, I'm actually quite twitterpated to begin today's cocktail hour. The recipe is taken from that legendary grimoire, The Savoy Cocktail Book (1930) & the drink itself is ostensibly ruthless, though Minnie & I -- as many of you know -- are no slouches when it comes to Mixology & its even more enjoyable evil twin, alcohol consumption.

Satan's Whiskers Cocktail (Straight)

Of Italian Vermouth, French Vermouth, Gin & Orange Juice, two parts each ; of Grand Marnier one part ; Orange Bitters, a dash. Shake well & strain into cocktail glass.

I'll give you some time to hunt down your own bottle of orange bitters, fond brethren & then we'll be happy to compare notes & convivial anecdotes.

Ever Forward!

Roman & Minnie

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