Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Labors of Lucifer - ESCALOFRIO (Carlos Puerto, 1978)

"In the name of Satan, Lord of Darkness, Spirit of Evil, lead us into temptation, Amen. Corrupt our souls and bodies, Satan Prince of Fear, King of the Lower World, Prince of  Hades, Prince of  Rape and Fornication, Master of Hate, Father of Incest, Prince of  Necrophilia, Serpent of Genesis, Prince of Death, Grandmaster of the Black Arts, protect your humble and faithful servants, Amen. You who are of death, who kiss death on the mouth, protect your servants. Satan, invade our souls and minds, corrupt and defile us, and mark us forever with the sign of evil on our foreheads. O Satan, come lead us out of misery. You are here. I sense you, I feel you. You are here inside me. Inside all of us. Prince Baal, Master of All Evil, we're yours."

-The Black Mass as recited by Bruno (Angel Aranda) & Berta (Sandra Alberti) in Carlos Puerto's Escalofrio (AKA Satan's Blood, 1978)


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