Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Magica Sexualis by Emile Laurent & Paul Nagour, 1934

Published by Falstaff Press, New York in 1934 & blessed with "A Cabinet of Unusual Illustrations", the Magica Sexualis covers such tantalizing & highly-charged subjects as The Love of Angels for Women, Astrology as an Enormous Influence on Amours, Demonomania & Human Sexuality, Satan's Powers in the Province of Sex (44, 435, 556 Devils, Copulations of the Incubi from Authentic Documents, Immoral Mysteries of the Succubus, Interpretations of the Incubus, The Devil's Contract: Eleven Vilifying Ceremonials, The Magic Erotic Physiology of the Devil: Giant Births, The Witches' Aphrodisiac Salve, Bestial Ceremonies of the Witches' Sabbath, Magical Aphrodisiac Pills, The Best & Most Striking Account of a Black Mass by a Great Contemporary Frenchman who Was an Eyewitness: The Shuddering Rituals, Love-Charms of the Egyptians, The Inseparability of Magic & Love, Old Man Young Again, Old Woman Young Again, Hindu Love-Charms, Magic Drinks for Increasing Sexual Vigor, Human Blood & The Witchcraft of Love, Talismans Against Impotency, Phallic Talismans, Modern Erotic Talismans: Astrology & Secret Properties of Jewels, Symbolic Jewelry, Phallic Monuments in Ireland, United States, India: Amatory Pilgrimages, Metals Sacred to Venus, The Arabian Love-Magnet, Secret Properties of Gems in the Province of Sex, Death-Wine Administered to the Crucified, a Babylonian Charm Against Sterility, The Planet of Love, Magic Tables of Sex, The Language of Flowers, The Flower-Clock for Rendezvous of Lovers, Pumpkins & Pomegranates in the Cult of Venus, Days Favorable to Fertility in Women, The Sexual Side of Astrology, Pleasures in Dreams, Joys of Love in Dreams: Hashish, The Magic Art of Creating Erotic Dreams, Sexual Music & Sexual Dances in the Orient, The Mad Love of Demetrius Polyorketes for the Courtesan Lamia, Sex Permeates Music of Gounod, Sexual Exaltation in Wagner's Music, Triumphant Erotic Music of Berlioz, Perversions & Music, Erotic Dances of the Daughters of the Ouled-Nail, Religious Erotomania, Erotico-Religious Perversions, Ecstasy & Sex, Magical Powers of Virginal Perspiration (Odor di Femina), Rehabilitation of Love & Sex from Degradation by Moralizers, Princesses as Instructresses in Science of Love, Bold Laws & Dicta of the Codex of Love, Mystic Philosophy of Copulation Through the Ages, Sex: The Law of the Universe, Vedic Love in India: Description of Festivals of the Lingam & Phallus, The Cult of Priapus in Rome, The Cult of Venus: Spiritual Union & the Goddess of Sex, The Sex-Act as a Form of Prayer, Sex as Mistress of the World: Sex the Most Amazing Miracle of All Time, and, of special interest to our readers, The Spawn of the Devil: Illustrious Offspring.

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