Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Changing Face of Modern Satanism

Through Diversity, Solidarity.

Pianist Duncan Ely's Lively New Year's Eve Party 1971

A Sad Day For All of Us...Duncan Ely's Funeral 1972

My Goodness, look at the clothing!

In my diary entry for that night, I wrote down something Mr. Brun said to a Western Union telegram boy:
"Wrong? Who knows what is wrong or right? If I choose to believe in Satanic Majesty & Power, who can deny me? What proof can you bring that good is superior to evil?" So eloquent. 

Oh, Look How Young We All Were! Bridge with the Palladist Society 1943

A Tres Elegant Cocktail Party at the Palatial Simon Aron Estate, Equinox 1968 (Note our dear brother Mocata supervising) 

A Lovely Christening at Our Home. Also 1968. 

Note that we've become such a diverse group, claiming aspirants from all over the world & from all walks of life!

"Echo, Echo Baylon! Echo, Echo Osiris!"

R. Castevet

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