Tabe Slioor & Anton LaVey in Jallu Magazine, 1969

Tabe Slioor was a Finnish socialite, journalist, hedonist & fashion model Minnie & I met in San Francisco while she was doing a series of rather eccentric profiles for the Finnish men's magazine, Jallu. While stationed out of San Francisco, she wrote pieces about a wide range of characters, including Ronald Reagan, Spiro Agnew, Bing Crosby, Harry Belafonte, and our brother, Anton Szandor LaVey. She also wrote a piece about San Quentin State Prison after receiving permission to spend several weeks at the facility. During this time it is reported she met frequently with the cult leader Charles Manson. Here are photographs from the Jallu piece on LaVey. The little girl standing next to the stove & beneath one of LaVey's whimsical murals is Slioor's lovely daughter, Aulikki.


  1. Very nice. I hadn't seen these photos before.

  2. Yeah, these are new to me as well, thanks for posting!

  3. The article says that the little girl is LaVey's daughter Tiina, so I guess they translated her name in Finland, it must be Zeena. Tabe's daughter Aulikki was born 1945 so she would have been much older in 1969 than that girl in the pictures.


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